Catalog No.: FTF-202| Released digitally: October 24th, 2017 | 
Director: Lynn Shelton | 
Length: 79 Minutes
 | Year: 2006


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SynopsisLynn Shelton's debut feature draws on her past as a stage actress but WE GO WAY BACK is no autobiographical drama. Kate (Amber Hubert) is a struggling actress who has given up her happiness and her sense of self for her career. That is until she finds a stash of letters written when she was a thirteen year old girl full of confidence and creativity and ambition. Plunged into depression, her younger self (Maggie Brown) infiltrates her dreams. What could have been a disconcerting bend in time and space and identity is instead played as a compassionate character piece and an act of healing. Beautifully shot on 35mm by Ben Kasulke (who made his debut as a cinematographer on the film). 

Cast: Amber Hubert, Maggie Brown, Kate Bayley, Aaron Blakely, Sullivan Brown, Sean Cook, Alycia Delmore, Basil Harris, Russell Hodgkinson, Nathan Graham Smith, Evan Whitfield

Written and Directed by Lynn Shelton
Produced by  A.J. Epstein and Peggy Case
Music by Laura Viers
Cinematography by Ben Kasulke

Festivals: Slamdance


"Inventive. The pungent notion of having your young-teen self gazing in horrified disappointment at the adult you’ve failed to become is as fresh a thematic undertow as it is disquieting.
- Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

 "A gentle survey of the chasm between youthful dreams and adult reality."
- Jeannette Catsoulis , The New York Times