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Catalog No.: FTF-502 | 
Release date: June 29, 2010 | 
Length: 34 minutes
 | Year: 2010


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   SIDE A                   SIDE B
   DAY                        NIGHT
   1. maybe                1. aeiou
   2. runwild               2. ouijaboard
   3. doowapcat          3. tryinghard
   4. readyforyou        4. luluby

  All instruments and vocals:  Brock Enright & Kirsten Deirup

  Engineer on maybe:  Adam Chandler


The LP is broken up onto two distinct sides - Side A “Day” with Brock doing all the vocals is full of twisted rhythms while Side B “Night” is full of lullabies sung by Kirsten that fill the listener with a calm sense of wonder. Torben, the name of Brock & Kirsten’s son was used the sound board for this series of songs, all of the “Day” songs needed to excite him, while the “Night” songs relaxed him.

Brock rose to fame after Rolling Stone profiled his company, Videogames Adventure Services (VAS), which provided “designer kidnapping services,” which lead to appearances on “The View,” “Good Morning America,” and countless other print publications. Enright put aside kidnapping and began focusing exclusively on his artwork and was selected to participate in numerous acclaimed group exhibitions including PS1/MoMA’s Greater New York show and multiple solo shows all over the world.

by Brock Enright and Kirsten Deirup is from their album "Torben" and the video is made up of over 1000 hand drawn LP labels for a version of "Torben" that they created for the Limited Edition of the documentary: Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same