Catalog No.: FTF-012 | 
Release date: 2011 | 
Director: Steve Roberts | 
Length: 73 minutes
 | Year: 1980


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 Tech Details: English, Color, 1.78:1 Widescreen, Dolby Digital, NR, NTSC, Region 0

 Extras: Commentary track with Sheila Reid, Jeremy Child and director Steve Roberts, Trailer, 
 and Incredible Muck 





As complex as the mind of its creator, Vivian Stanshall, the plot of ‘Sir Henry at Rawlinson End’ revolves around attempts to exorcise of the ghost of Humbert, the brother of Sir Henry (Trevor Howard). Humbert was accidentally killed in a drunken duck-shooting incident whilst escaping from an illicit tryst. Amongst the eccentric family members, mad friends and grudgingly loyal servants involved are the eternally knitting Aunt Florrie, the tapeworm-obsessed Mrs. E, Lady Phillipa of Staines, who enjoys the odd ‘small’ sherry and the ever-present Old Scrotum, Sir Henry’s wrinkled retainer.
Adding to the poetic shambles are the hapless Germans, long post-war, who populate the fearsome POW camp that Sir Henry set up in the gardens of his estate, and his younger brother Hubert who fishes for hairdressers in a pond. Furnished with a stuffed mechanical bulldog, a champion billiard-playing horse and a marriage bed cruelly divided by sandbags and barbed wire, Rawlinson End is an endlessly mad, hilarious outpost of an England as it could have been…

Starring: Vivian Stanshall, Trevor Howard, Patrick Magee, Sheila Reid, Suzanne Danielle, J.G. Devlin, Gary Waldhorn, Daniel Gerroll, Ben Aris, Liz Smith, Harry Fowler, Simon Jones, Jeremy Child and Ian McDiarmid



"Missing link between Monty Python and Withnail & I", 4 Stars
- Time Out

"A comic masterpiece."

"This extraordinary film is one of the most haphazard British comedies I've seen. It is also a long time since I've laughed so much... a cult in the making."
- The Guardian

"It's impossible to do justice to the film's arrant and quite unique lunacy."
- The Financial Times

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll jab your eyes with fingers still trembling from the trauma of being made a child again. You'll jab your eyes just to check you've just seen what you think you've seen.... Sir Henry is a film to be experienced as closely and seriously and often as possible, a work of art that should sink under the skin and into the bones and do its good work like vitamins and (Captain Beefheart's) Trout Mask Replica. I can't recommend it highly enough so I won't even start. It's out there if you want it. And in here (tap skull and chest) whether you want it or not, Englander pig dog. A talking picture. And what could be more wonderful than that?"
- Plan B

"It truly is in the grand wazoo of weird. The movie equivalent of cheese before bed, this film guarantees nightmares, but in a good way"
- The Big Issue