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Catalog No.: FTF-021 | 
In Theaters: September 21, 2011 | 
Director: Cam Archer | 
Length: 95 minutes
 | Year: 2010


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Renowned actress Colleen West (Ellen Barkin) aban­dons her suc­cess­ful career for a secluded life in the hills. But the quiet and peace of mind she longed for is dis­rupted by the noisy con­struc­tion of neigh­bor­ing hous­ing devel­op­ments. Before long, Colleen dis­cov­ers that she really can’t stand her­self now that she has given up the only thing that she has ever truly been pas­sion­ate about.

As an alter­na­tive to iso­la­tion, she reluc­tantly befriends her jubi­lant, whim­si­cal neigh­bor (Melora Wal­ters) and recon­nects with her estranged brother (Bob Ein­stein) who drops by unan­nounced after hear­ing about her retire­ment. Haunted by lone­li­ness and past desires, Colleen begins to feel as if she has lived her life through the char­ac­ters she has played on stage and screen. Ulti­mately, she is forced to con­front loss, her fail­ures and mis­takes, by reliv­ing a recent affair with younger actor Har­vey West (Luke Grimes) whom she met dur­ing her final stage per­for­mance. Real­ity becomes insep­a­ra­ble from Colleen’s unhinged obses­sions in a hal­lu­ci­na­tory strug­gle to accept her own vul­ner­a­bil­ity and reclaim herself.


“Reminiscent of Gena Rowlands in Opening Night, Ellen Barkin gives the cagiest and most fiercely sardonic performance of the year.”
The Village Voice
"A poetic/fantastic exploration of a performer cut loose from performing"
“A contemporary interpretation of Bergman’s Persona. …Archer might very well be showing us what Bergman would have done had he lived in the age of MTV, the Inter net, social alien ation and virtual insanity.”
Nisi Magazine