Catalog No.: FTF-040 | 
In Theaters: AUGUST 7, 2013 | 
Director: David Zellner | 
Length: 83 minutes
 | Year: 2013


Theatrical: Begins AUGUST 7, 2013

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Annie is a rebellious ten-year-old girl. She lives on the outskirts of town with her father Marvin, who, when not herding goats, mostly sleeps the day away. Virtually devoid of parental guidance, Annie is left to fend for herself and do as she pleases. With no moral compass, she roams the neighboring lands, shoplifting and engaging in general destructive behavior. Her routine is broken one day while playing in the woods; she hears an old woman calling from deep within an abandoned well, asking for help. Scared and untrusting of the unseen stranger, Annie deliberates on her course of action.

Featuring: Sydney Aguirre, Susan Tyrrell, Nathan Zellner, David Zellner

Written and Directed  by David Zellner
Produced and Photographed by Nathan Zellner
Edited by Melba Jordorowsky
Original Score by The Octopus Project

Festivals: Sundance, Berlin, SXSW, Florida Film Festival, BAFICI, Calgary Underground Film FestivalDallas IFF, Boston Film Festival, Jeonju International Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Fantaspoa Fantastic Fest (Brazil)Flyover Film Festival, Edinburgh IFF, Neuchatel Fantastic Film Festival, Brasilia Independent Film Festival, New Horizons International Film Festival (POLAND),  Sidewalk Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival (Spain), Rio de Janeiro Int`l Film Festival, Clair-obscur Filmfestival 2012 (Switzerland)AFI Fest, Stars Denver, Cucalorus Film Festival, Three Rivers Film Festival.



"Spearheaded by phenomenal pint-sized lead Sydney Aguirre, this challenging third feature from the Zellner Brothers retains much of their provocative trademark idiocy but navigates darker waters."
-Ronnie Scheib, Variety 

"Fans of mindlessly smashing things to pieces with blunt instruments will go crazy for Kid-Thing."
-Charlie Lyne, Ultra Culture 

"Absurd and wrenching coming-of-age tale."

-Peter Keough, Boston Pheonix

"There’s a real poetry to Kid-Thing."
-Noel Murry, AV Club 

"Stands out for presenting a poetic and doggedly out-there encapsulation of backwoods Americana that's occasionally transcendent."
-Eric Kohn, Indiewire 

"Backwoods weirdness with a pop-art sensibility."
-Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily 

"Like Days of Heaven on paint fumes, Kid-Thing is very much a languid, occasionally hilarious,occasionally poetic coming-of-age story."
- William Gross, The Hit List

"Grotesque, vivid, and penetrating dark comedy."
- Miranda Seigel, BULLET

"A well-crafted, gem."
- Kevin Matthews, FlickFeast

"A fresh and invigorating perspective."
- Patrick Gamble, CineVue


In Theaters 

August 7th to 13th, 2013
IFC Center
New York, NY
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August 6th, 2013
Bama Theatre
Tuscaloosa, AL
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August 9th-16th, 2013
Roxie Theater
San Fransisco, CA
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August 9th-16th, 2013
Facets Multimedia
Chicago, IL
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August 13, 2013
The Zinema 2
Duluth, MN
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August 17th & 24th, 2013
Alamo Drafthouse
Austin, TX
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August 23-29, 2013
The Loft Cinema
Tuscon, AZ
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September 20-26, 2013
The Cinefamily
Los Angeles, CA
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September 22nd and 27th, 2013
Gateway Film Center
Columbus, OH
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October, 2013
Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center
New Orleans, LA 
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