Catalog No.: FTF-023 | 
In Theaters: April 2012 | 
Director: Jerome de Missolz | 
Length: 100 minutes
 | Year: 2011


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In the Jerome De Missolz documentary Kids of Today legendary seventy’s French rock critic Yves Adrien becomes an obsession of a young counterculture group. Music from yesterday and today pave a revolutionary road through the generational collision. From the opening scene, the film uses William S. Burroughs cut up style storytelling with an excerpt from the classic silent film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari then quickly cuts to the electro-punk band Crystal Castles intertwining the decadent pasts and urban futures.

Festivals: Cannes Film Festival

Featuring Music by: Crystal Castles, Sunn O)))), Fuck Buttons, Jaques Brel, Kraftwerk, Suicide, James White, LIO, Frustration, Taxi Girl, Death Set and more


"An intentionally fractured, reckless and erotic ode to underground culture."
 -Eric Kohn, Indiewire

"Illustrated history of Parisian punk/New Wave/electro."
-Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice 

"The music, both old and new, which, with the exception of those attune to the French music scene, will be new and revelatory for a North American audience."
-Tomas Hachard, L Magazine 

"Punk philosophy of yesteryear with the countercultural techno ethos of today."
-Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine 

"While this uncataloguable and entrancing film gazes back in nostalgia to a time of performance-art priapism when everyone seems to have known Warhol, it also leaves room for a particularly hopeful diagnosis of the present."
-Diego Costa, Slant Magazine

"Searing performances by new, little-known bands."
-Daniel M. Gold, The New York Times