Catalog No.: FTF-079 | 
Director: Michael M. Bilandic | 
Length: 68 Minutes


In Theaters: January 2019
















Jobe, a mysterious middle-aged rollerblader, spends his days selling drugs to an eclectic mix of downtown weirdos. When he gets the call to to
make a special delivery to his favorite actor he’s completely starstruck. What starts off as an exciting encounter with an A-list celebrity quickly devolves into a nightmarishly comedic trainwreck when the actor dies and Jobe is forced to flee into the night. Afraid and confused, he blades
around the streets of lower Manhattan. Dodging paparazzi, police, a cinephilic doomsday prepper, a disturbed comedian, heartbroken superfans,
and his raver roommate, he fights to clear his name - all while entertaining his mom who is visiting from out of town! Jobe’z World is a no-budget descent into the worlds of after hours freakery and existential rollerblading. Starring Jason P. Grisell and Theodore Bouloukos, lensed by
Good Time’s Sean Price Williams, and featuring Owen Kline, Lindsay Burdge, Kate Lyn Sheil and Keith Poulson, it paints a portrait of one paranoid, grim, and darkly humorous night in the Big Apple. 

Directed by Michael M. Bilandic 
Produced by Adam Ginsberg and Spencer Kiernan
Cinematography by Sean Price Williams
Music by Paul Grimstad
Film Editing by Zach Clark

Starring: Jason Grisell, Owen Kline, Stephen Payne, Jeremy O. Harris, Lindsay Burdge
Theodore Bouloukos, Sean Price Williams, Keith Poulson, Jason Giampietro and Kate Lyn Sheil


“A remarkable new movie. It features an independent-cinema all-star team of performers and crew members... These are artists working nearly off
the radar, whose talent and imagination are worthy to stand with the work of anyone in the Hollywood spotlight—and whose collaborations make today’s independent world something like a grassroots rekindling of the group spirit of the classic-era studio system, minus its pressures from
-Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“A Hilarious and wacky NYC nightlife film" 
-Kristen Yoonsoo Kim, Filmmaker Magazine

"I'm a huge fan of this perfect object. It's beautiful, funny, and looks like Bela Tarr’s Almanac of Fall!"
- Robert Greene, Filmmaker 

In Theaters 

January 11th-17th, 2019
Cinema Village
New York, NY
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January 11th-17th, 2019
Chicago, IL
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