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Catalog No.: FTF-056 | 
In Theaters: October | 
Director: Colin Healey| 
Length: 85 minutes
 | Year: 2015


 Theatrical: October 2015

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Part-time punk singer Irene McCabey moonlights as full-time harbinger of chaos - and her life in Austin is crumbling as a result. When her
ex-girlfriend moves to kick her out of their band, Irene receives big news:  an estranged grandfather has bequeathed to her a dilapidated house
across the country in Pittsburgh.  Stalling in the Steel City to forget her woes, Irene enlists a long-lost cousin to assist in a drunken renovation project.  As the newfound relatives put their mark on the forgotten family home, cracks in the wild-child's hardened facade begin to show, but when
an unexpected visitor comes knocking, Irene must choose between her newfound domestic side and her unquenchable desire for self-destruction.

Directed and Written by Colin Healey
Produced by Dave Schachter & Colin Healey
Cinematography by Ben Powell

 Rachel McKeon, Jack Culbertson, Jack Culbertson, Molly Carlisle, Dan Derks, Sheila McKenna, Harry O’Toole, Matt Bryan and Luke Johanson

Festivals: Independent Film Festival Boston, Northside Film Festival, Indy Film Fest. New Orleans Film Festival, Three Rivers Film Festival, Lone Star Film Festival, Sound Unseen, Cleveland International Film Festival and Silver Springs International Film Festival


"A soul and body baring performance."
- Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"Jagged-edged. A raggedy ode to the DIY ethos."
-Daniel M. Gold, The New York Times 

"This remarkable feature follows Irene McCabey, one of the most polarizing, frustrating, childish and compelling protagonists to grace indie screens in quite sometime."
-Karen Kemmerle,

"The majestic center of gravity of “Homemakers” is the epically charismatic McKeon, lavishly unleashed and yet physically focused, never floundering. She—they?—Irene and McKeon are fucking amazing and fucking terrifying, at the risk of vast understatement."
-Ray Pride, New City 
"The film is essentially one of female empowerment. Rachel McKeon has vividly captured her angst and the roiling chaos that erupts."
- Emma Tilden, Bust Magazine

“A warm and funny film, reminding us that as great as it feels to be free and independent."
- Kevin Blumeyer, Under the Gun

"Flinches from nothing. A brave and original film."
- Joe Blessing, Film Buddy 

“A visual feast of creation and destruction.” 
- Adam Ruhl, Pop Culture Beast   

"A fascinating piece of cinema...a more comedic take on the punk rock lifestyle while simultaneously keeping things genuine."
-Blair Hoyle, Way Too Indie 

In Theaters 

October 9th-October 16th, 2015
Facets Multimedia
Chicago, IL

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October 17th-October 23rd, 2015
Cinema Village
New York, NY
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November 13th-14th 2015
North West Film Forum
Seattle, WA
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February 5th-8th 2015
Union Cinema
Milwaukee, WI
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February 19 - 24th
Roxie Theater
San Francisco, CA 
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