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Catalog No.: FTF-071 | 1983  | 
Director: Alexandre Rockwell | 
Length: 107 Minutes

In Theaters: QUAD NYC- May 17, 2017








Beautifully photographed by regular Wes Anderson collaborator Robert Yeoman (in his first DP credit), this earthy debut from indie veteran Alexandre Rockwell follows a makeshift family of eccentrics on the road in New Mexico. Though Hero won a Special Jury Prize at the U.S. Film Festival (later rechristened Sundance), it has been unseen for decades—until now.

Alexandre Rockwell's rangy, offhandedly eccentric US Film Festival (Sundance) award winning debut feature follows a disabled teenager and his older adoptive sisters who, when pronounced by some protective-services bureaucrat to be "not our idea of a normal family," shed their gloomy urban confines and set out for Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. En route they absorb another misfit wayfarer who notes the boy's hobby of snapping Polaroids. "I guess this is your way of socializing, huh?" "No," he answers. "It’s my way of seeing." Rockwell gathers vitalizing details both grand and small but he is mostly inspired by singular characters who seem like real, mysterious human beings.

Directed and Produced by Alexandre Rockwell
Cinematography by Robert D. Yeoman and Alexandre Rockwell
Edited by Lizzie Borden, Christine Le Goff
Original Score by Mader

Starring: Alexandre Bull, Kim Flowers, William B. Johnson, Cody Maher, Paul Rockwell, Lorna Scott and Mika Yamada

 Festivals: U.S. Film Festival (AKA Sundance)


"A major film poem of the independent American film movement."
-Ron Holloway, Variety

"A multi-layered film as complex and far reaching as the American dream, yet as simple and honest as a young boy's quest for self-understanding and knowledge. But most of all, Hero is a film of images. Often tragically haunting, at times comic, they are always revealing."
-J Greg Evans, American Cinematographer 

In Theaters 

May 17th, 2017
The Quad
New York, NY
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