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Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks Its Back

Catalog No.: FTF-014
Label: Factory 25
Release date: Spring 2010
Directors: Braden King and Laura Moya
Length: 80 minutes
Year: 1998

Tech Details: English, Black and White, 16mm, 1.33:1 Full Screen, Dolby Digital, NR, NTSC

Special Features:
A new 1:33 digital image transfer with re-mastered original soundtrack
Directors’ commentary by Braden King, Laura Moya and fisherman / cameraman Mark Hopkins
Alternate live soundtrack by the Boxhead Ensemble assembled from recordings made on the original international film tours.
The Original Pantry Café, a short film by Braden King and Larry Stuckey. features the first recorded Boxhead Ensemble film soundtrack
A Unified Sensibility: Dutch Harbor and the Boxhead Ensemble - A 60-min documentary on Dutch Harbor’s unique musical life featuring over twenty interviews, including Boxhead Ensemble members David Grubbs, Glenn Kotche, Michael Krassner, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Doug McCombs, Will Oldham, Jim O’rourke, Rick Rizzo, Tim Rutili, Ken Vandermark and Jim White
The Restless Waves music video by Dirty Three, directed by Braden King, created with Bering Sea outtakes from Dutch Harbor

Limited Edition will include:
The soundtrack on vinyl for the first time and more.



“It was a really good life until the last three years.” To watch Dutch Harbor is to bear a kind of witness, for this independent documentary is an elegy; the poetic anthropology of a passing. As others before them, filmmakers Braden King and Laura Moya went to Dutch Harbor, Alaska – the most westerly point of the United States – to trace the edge of things and to move beyond paved roads toward blurred horizons of sea, sky and rock. They returned from this Aleutian Island port and its multi-million dollar industry built on the migrations of Bering Sea crab with an edge vision of obsession, decline and elemental beauty. Set to an improvised score of crystalline precision by Michael Krassner and the Boxhead Ensemble, the film’s images preserve and celebrate the fiercely independent spirit of a completely unique community and landscape in a meditative exploration of “the last place to go.”
– Gareth Evans, London Film Festival

Having toured extensively in the U.S.and Europe with live, improvised soundtrack accompaniment by the critically acclaimed Boxhead Ensemble, Dutch Harbor sits at the forefront of a movement that opened new doors for independent distribution and cinematic experience. This comprehensive DVD tells the complete story of a groundbreaking film that has become a contemporary independent classic.



“A wonderfully spare and evocative portrait of a fishing town perched on the frigid northern edge of the U.S.... With its WPA-meets-alt.rock sensibility, Dutch Harbor provides that lingering frontier with an elegy that’s hard-bitten and haunting.”
- New York Press

“Rarely has the relationship between sound and image been so deeply explored.”
Chicago Tribune


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Dutch Harbor:Where the Sea Breaks Its Back
Video: The Restless Waves by Dirty Three
Catalog No.: FTF-014
Director: Braden King
Release date: Spring 2010

Created with outtakes from Dutch Harbor