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Down In Shadowland
Catalog No.: FTF-073 | 
IN THEATERS: June, 19 2017  | 
Director: Tom DiCillo| 
Length: 70 Minutes


In Theaters: June 19, 2017

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Tom DiCillo’s (Living in Oblivion and Box of Moonlight) latest film, Down in Shadowland, was made over the course of 7 years. It is perhaps the most independent of this independent director’s films. He made the film entirely by himself, motivated by a fascination with the secret lives of people on the subway that began when he first moved to NYC in the mid ‘70’s.  

What resulted is a hauntingly beautiful hybrid of the documentary form.  Although every frame in the film is real, the film refuses to settle into the rational world of the traditional documentary. Instead, DiCillo's roving yet unobtrusive camera mingles with the denizens of this subterranean microcosm, working its way through a dense network of human emotion to achieve a truth that becomes more elusive and poetic.

Written/Directed/Edited by Tom DiCillo
by Tom Dicillo
Music Supervised by Sue Jacobs
Music by 
Brian Eno, Trentemoeller, Bonobo, Xerxes, Architect, Hol Bauman and Tom DiCillo 


"Tom DiCillo has made an extraordinary film that is simultaneously meditative and exhilarating, surreal, and often heartbreakingly beautiful, Down In Shadowland is a masterpiece of keenly observed human experience that transforms the subway underground into something deeply mysterious and mystical."
-Steve Buscemi

"If the whole of humanity were marched before our eyes, it might resemble Tom DiCillo’s new film, DOWN IN SHADOWLAND, a descent into the subterranean universe of the iconic New York City subway."
Barbara Pokras, Woodstock Film Festival  

"Hauntingly beautiful. Elusive and poetic."
-Wayne Byrn,  Film Ireland In Theaters  

In Theaters

June 19, 2017
IFC Center
New York, NY
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