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Catalog No.: FTF-060 | 
In Theaters: 2016 | 
Director: Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson | 
Length: 100 minutes
 | Year: 2015


 Theatrical: NYC Feb 19th 2016

Available Digitally via Fandor and Vimeo Feb 19th













Edith Welland (Leah Goldstein) dreams of being a successful actress but just can’t seem to make things happen. Things get worse when the ex-boyfriend she broke up with to focus on her career takes up acting on a whim and immediately books a leading role. When Edith can’t figure out       what she’s doing wrong, she begins to do everything wrong. DIAMOND TONGUES is a dramatic comedy about insecurity, uncertainty, unhealthy competition, and just about everything else between the lines.

Directed by Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson
Written by Pavan Moondi
Produced by Sarah Haywood, Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson
Cinematography by Peter Dreimanis
Composed by Brendan Canning

Starring: Leah Goldstein, Nick Flanagan, Leah Wildman, Adam Gurfinkel 

Festivals: Slamdance Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, NXSE, Zanzibar International Film Festival and more


"A modern day All About Eve."
- Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"Sharp and thoughtful. An exercise in cringe comedy."
-Norman Wilner, NOW Toronto 

"Refreshing because it isn’t an indictment of a demographic, or even of Edith, but is a portrait of a young woman who’s ambition has curdled into something more nasty along the way."
-Kevin Jagernauth, Indiewire

"Suggests All About Eve by way of The King of Comedy: contempt and envy reign and the threat of disaster closely follows."
- Calum Marsh, The Globe and the Mail
"Goldstein creates an iconic character consumed with envy in a way that’s both extreme and relatable"
- Paul Sbrizzi, Hammer to Nail

"It’s amazing how well the neophyte Goldstein captures a character whose envy, craftiness and ambition make her both unlikeable yet totally believable"
- Bruce DeMara, Toronto Star

"Diamond Tongues lives in its careful attention to detail, the meticulous but breezy way it captures Edith’s meandering life as much as her increasingly destructive disenchantment. "
David BerryNational Post

"That the directors and Goldstein manage to make the narcissistic and self-defeating Edith somehow relatable — and at times even likeable — is a truly remarkable accomplishment, especially considering her deplorable and duplicitous actions."
-Kevin Scott, Exclaim!

In Theaters 
February 19th-23rd
IFP Media Center
Brooklyn, NY
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February 20 - 22nd
Roxie Theater
San Francisco, CA 
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March 11th-17th
Facets Multimedia 
Chicago, IL
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