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Catalog No.: FTF-019 | In theaters: September 2, 2011 | 
Directors: Josh & Bennie Safdie & Alex Kalman | 
Length: 70 minutes
 | Year: 2011


New York Theatrical Run: September 2, 2011 Re-Run Theater 














Josh & Benny Safdie (DADDY LONGLEGS, THE PLEASURE OF BEING ROBBED), Alex Kalman (creator of, and Factory 25 present this feature-length program of found moments from the everyday—films that showcase the wonder, beauty, sadness, love, aggression and magic that goes unnoticed on the hectic streets of NYC and elsewhere.


"Yes! This is just right."
- Albert Maysles 

"Blurs the line between fantasy and reality."
- Time Out New York

"Buttons are sublime. See them."
- Scott Maccaulay, Filmmaker Magazine

"Buttons feels almost like a moving photo album with its portraits of subway musicians, children in strollers, police officers and bored street vendors."
- The New York Times