Catalog No.: FTF-035 | 
Release date: Early 2013 | 
Directors: Alex Hammond & Ian Markiewicz  | 
Length: 91 minutes
 | Year: 2012 


True Black Vinyl Edition LP/ 50 page 12" Book/DVD: $35  Now Shipping!!!  Add to Cart

Blood Red Vinyl Edition of 500 LP/50 page 12" Book/DVD: $38   SOLD OUT 

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Tech Details: English, Color, 1.78:1 Widescreen, Dolby Digital, NR, NTSC 

DVD Special Features: 20 minutes of additional interviews of Jay Reatard and friends 

Limited Edition LP/Book/DVD includes

-Better Than Something: Jay Reatard on DVD
-A 14 track LP on vinyl of Jay Reatard rarities including 13 unreleased songs on Blood Red or True Black VINYL.
-50 page 12" book with essays by TV Smith (Adverts), Cole Alexander (Black Lips), King Khan, Alicja Trout, and more... Includes an unreleased interview with Jay Reatard, and never before seen photos.  

Packaging and Designed by Serge Kirsanov @ powerserge

Limited Edition LP Tracklist


01 - Such A Shame - Jay Reatard - TV Rennes 2008
02 - Bummer Bitch - Reatards - Gonerfest 2005
03 - No One Stands Me - Reatards - Gonerfest 2005
04 - I Get Nervous - Lost Sounds - VPRO 2005
05 - Tyrants Head - Lost Sounds - VPRO 2005
06 - You Call It Love - Angry Angles - Gonerfest 2005
07 - Let It All Go - Jay Reatard - SXSW 2007
08 -Better Than Somethings -  Lost Sounds, 1998
09. Fading All Away - Studio Brussel, 2009
10 - Death Is Forming - Jay Reatard - Crystal Ballroom 2008
11 - Not A Substitute - Jay Reatard - Stuy Town NYC 2009
12 - Waiting For Something - Jay Reatard - Walter's 2009
13 - Nightmares - Jay Reatard - Studio Brussel 2009
14 – Let It All Go – Jay Reatard - France 2008


For Jimmy Lee Lindsay, known to his fans and detractors as Jay Reatard, life was a race against time. After growing up fast among Memphis crack addicts, he managed to blaze a path through the rough-and-tumble underground rock scene of the early aughts, releasing over 100 singles, EPs and full-length records in fourteen years.  Then on January 13, 2010, not yet 30, he died.

 With their feature documentary Better Than Something, filmmakers Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz let Jay tell his own story: a poverty-stricken childhood, teen years spent as a two-fisted tunesmith battling fans and band mates alike, and a short-lived adulthood of focused and relentless productivity.

Jay said "I just try to make as much as I can with the time that I have." By any measure, that is exactly what he did.  Better Than Something is both a testament to Jay Reatard's indisputable legacy and a tribute to his vital, thrilling, and all-too-brief life.

Music by: Jay Reatard, Lost Sounds, Destruction Unit, Reatards and Oblivians

Featuring: Jimmy Lee Lindsay, King Louie Bankston, Scott Bomar, Chad Booth, Alix Brown, Shawn Foree, Eric "Oblivian" Friedl, Larry Hardy, Zach Ives, Andria Lisle, Jeffrey Novak, Stephen Pope, Ryan "Elvis Wong" Rousseau, Adam Shore, Alicja Trout, Michael Venutolo-Mantovani and Sherman Willmott


"Does a remarkable job of capturing Reatard's complicated, conflicted, and often prickly persona."
-Mike Rubin, Spin 

"Remarkably candid and eerily prescient."
-Eddie Cockrell, Variety 

"Riveting, sad, and inspiring, Better Than Something is the best rock documentary of 2011."
-Steven Hyden, AV Club 

"Like the longhair with the foghorn falsetto it's titled after, this unfussy rock-doc profile is shaggy, sophisticated, and more than a little sad."
-Mark Holcomb, The Village Voice 

 "If you care even one iota about punk rock, you should probably see this film."
-Patrick Rodgers, Nashville Scene 

"A fitting final movement to the requiem of Jay Reatard."
-Ryan McNeil, The Matinee

"A sad, exhilarating, and ultimately inspiring documentary about a complicated young man whose life ended just as he appeared to be overcoming his demons."