Catalog No.: FTF-045 | 
In Theaters/VOD: Winter | 
Director: Joel Potrykus | 
Length: 86 minutes
 | Year: 2013


Theatrical: April 25th, 2014

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Trevor Newandyke is a struggling comedian and a pyromaniac. Not only does his act bomb on stage, but he bombs at everyday life, too. Fed up with threats from the cable company, Slurpee price hikes and all the jerks who think they can push him around, all Trevor wants is a break. But instead of getting himself together or channeling his anger for his act, he turns inward, to the loud din of his headphones and the crackling glow of fire to ease his mind.

Directed by Joel Potrykus
Written by Joel Potrykus
Cinematography by Joel Potrykus
Executive Produced by Kevin Clancy

Starring: Joshua Burge, Gary Bosek, Daniel Falicki, Jason Roth, Gary Perrine, Kevin Clancy, Reynadlo Herrera, Jarrod Napierkowski, Teri Nelson and Benjamin Riley

Festivals: Festival del film Locarno,  AFI, Chicago Underground, Nashville, CPH Pix, Rencontres Cinema De Manosque, Vancouver, Festival Indie Lisboa, Entrevues Belfort

Awards: Best First Feature: Locarno Film Festival, Best Director: Locarno Film Festival


Punchline as if directed by David Lynch.”  
-Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter

"Ape by Joel Potrykus was one of the most stimulating American entries premiering in Locarno."
-Giovanni Vimercati, Film Comment

“A nightmarish, nihilistic tale. The ultra-low budget Ape has all the qualities to become a standard for a generation that has no future, and is also a political manifesto for the best of new American cinema.” 
- Olivier Pere, Locarno Film Festival

In Theaters 

January 18th 2014
Museum of the Moving Image -First Look Series
New York, NY
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April 25th -May 1st, 2014
Rerun Theater 
Brooklyn, NY
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